Biontology is a revolutionary non-invasive system that improves the self-healing ability of the body by removing underlying causes of illness instead of treating symptoms.

Our body contains all the tools it needs to heal Chiren_Logo_neuitself from disease. However, when exposed to an ever-increasing number of pollutants and pathogens, our bodies often get overwhelmed. This is when the symptoms appear that conventional medicine “cures” with drugs or surgeries. If one is lucky the symptom is eliminated with the conventional approaches, but most often, not the underlying cause.

Biontology is based on the correction of electromagnetic/biophotonic signals that are emitted from the cells of every living being. Symptoms are caused by disturbances in this signal, and by correcting the disturbance the body can react with its own immune system to restore proper function and eliminate disease.

What is Biontology?

Biontology is a cutting-edge approach to health spearheaded by Johan Boswinkel. It integrates the latest in physics and Western science, combining the insights of Chinese medicine and the potent energetic approach of Homeopathy into an incredibly powerful healing modality.

Some of the conditions Biontology is effective for:

  • Tumors/Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Hypo-/Hypertension
  • Allergies
  • Chronic infections
  • Celiac, IBS, Crohn’s
  • All toxins
  • Migraines
  • Arthritis, Rheumatism
  • Lyme Disease
  • Endocrine problems

The initial evaluation process aims to discover the underlying causes of the client’s chronic conditions, whether they be accumulated toxins, environmental conditions, emotional or lifestyle patterns, etc.

Biontologists also utilize the Chinese 5-Elements Thinking to identify the disruptive relationships among the organ systems of the body. This has proven to be much more effective than if we just concentrated on the symptoms.

Once we have established the nature of the relationships, toxins, and other factors that are present in the system, we commence to influence the body to heal itself.


Revolutionary Method of Healing!

Biophotons are the dynamic web of light emissions constantly released and absorbed by DNA. They express the functional state of the organism. Biophotons are also the organism’s principal regulation mechanism and constitute its communication network.

The Biontologic healing process uses a short series of biophotonic impulses in a biofeedback loop to entrain the body’s information field for optimal function.

The biofeedback component is very important, as it ensures that the body only gets the corrections it needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

The biofeedback process eliminates the chance of inappropriate treatments, aggravations of symptoms, and/or side effects.

No pharmaceuticals are required as part of the process, and in fact we strive to clean the system of toxins due to previous substance exposure. We aim to restore the endocrine and the immune systems to such health that the body can meet its own needs without the use of pharmaceuticals and their side effects.

We consider the human body one of the wisest systems known, which mystics have claimed is a hologram of the universe in which unfathomable intelligence exists.

The Protocol:

  • We electronically measure the acupuncture points on the hands and toes to assess the general health condition of the body and determine the appropriate treatment.
  • The first step is to discover and eliminate the multitude of toxins and traumas causing endocrine imbalance, which in turn affects the well-being of the rest of the body.
  • Next, we aim to eliminate food poisonings, which cause chronic inflammation of the mucus membranes of the body. This then gives rise to a whole range of symptoms, including appendicitis, digestive-tract ulcers, allergies, Celiac disease, migraines, stiff neck, and hypertension, among others.
  • We eliminate other bacterial and fungal infections and imbalances which cause chronic and acute conditions such as candida, bronchitis, tuberculosis, chronic tonsillitis, urinary tract illnesses, back pain, and soft-tissue and cartilage problems.
  • The number of treatments depends on many factors which are unique to each individual case.
  • The changes caused to the tissues by long lasting chronic conditions are also reversed as we eliminate underlying causes and as the immune system becomes healthier.


by Johan Boswinkel

Biontology combines the words Bio and Ontology. Bio stands for life and refers to us, the people in a living environment. Ontology was described by the famous Philosopher Heidegger as; “the being of any relationship towards existence.”

For a long time I have been looking for a name that includes everything that my instruments stand for. Although they work through biophotons, the Biontologists do much more than just treat people with biophotons. The name “therapy” or “treatment” is an understatement of what Biontologists bring to the people of this world. In the Biontology training only a certain amount of time is spent on biophotons and the Chiren or StarLight instrument. What we focus on is “gnosis” and the way of obtaining this intrinsic knowledge. Only through extensive research of the ultimate reality of nature, will it be possible to obtain the quality that is needed to really understand, and help people to understand and help them selves.


An Ontology founds a theory on reality and hence enables to develop a useful measurement of that reality. These measurements can lead to a revision of the theory and thus to new measurements. There are serious crises in science, such as in quantum mechanics, in which neither a theory nor a measurement gives a singular answer, and so forces the creation of a new Ontology.

Every human being is an individual. Every human being ‘IS’. Every man has his own truth. All these truths are one-sided. And every one-sided truth consists again of even more one-sided truths. But for each individual it is a complete truth until he or she moves in time and/or space. From a different place and at a different moment the truth will be different. Even an emotional state will alter the experienced truth. Mental and/or spiritual development also changes the perceived reality. Surroundings and external circumstances like food, habitat, education, disease and suffering all make up our truth and all are in constant change.

What Biontologists endeavour to find out, through application of our gnosis and with the help of the instruments, is a person’s individual truth at a certain moment. That is why it is called dia-gnosis. The knowledge of the day, the truth of the moment. The treatments in sequence alter that truth again. And hence it is needed to measure again to find the truth of the next moment. And can the person than live with this new truth?

Because of what Biontologists do, a person’s consciousness changes. He or she becomes aware of all the things that are going on in their body. People also become conscious of their body energetically. By merely holding on to a couple of glass rods their whole system suddenly changes. The color of their skin is changed or their asthma is suddenly gone, by sticking two patches on their neck. This is not due to the biophotons though. It is caused by the knowledge of the truth and the intention of the Biontologist.

Wouldn’t you agree that this seems like a miracle to most people? One knows and knew nothing of all this, yet the experience is unmistaken.

Most people are only able to experience or see three dimensions, where there are at least twelve! Yet if one would only listen and react to their inner “me”, one would come to know there is a vast realm beyond their senses. The so called sixth sense is actually the first sense. All the others presumably merely serve a purpose in the 3 dimensional-world.


This approach alters consciousness, and this is an important part of this pathway, the Biontology. The biophotons give us an incredible amount of information by means of direct communication with a person’s body. Besides this, there is the communication with the person itself. The “I” or “me” we talk to is not the body. It is a double leveled communication line. Now, a body can be bothered by the “I “, but doesn’t necessarily suffer the same traumas. This is the first step towards synthesis thinking.

The body needs to communicate its needs to the “I “, and does this continuously. The “I ” is undisturbed by electromagnetic fields or food poisoning but the body is troubled very much. The big problem is that the “I “, hardly ever listens to the body and neglects it until the body really stops functioning and becomes a nuisance to the “I “. Restoring this communication is just as important as dealing with a disease or its symptoms. This means changing someone’s consciousness to the level where he or she starts to listen again to the body, for only this will ensure that problems will be dealt with as meant by nature. “The body’s own doctor takes over again”.

Your own gnosis

Over time one’s consciousness will develop and you start to see more and more connections. You get a more profound access to the unknown. The truth of the ultimate reality of nature comes closer and closer. But one must keep searching.

The truth can not be taught. First of all everyone’s truth is unique and only by continuous observation can you obtain more knowledge and by implementing this into your life it becomes as true gnosis. Develop your own theories and test them on your truth to see whether they are true only in a specific case, or that you have touched the universal truth. This is the heart of Ontology, this is Biontology.

There are many different instruments and machines nowadays that claim to use photons or biophotons. In most cases this isn’t even true. For patients it is impossible to see the differences between the offered therapies. They all look alike. There is a major difference here however, and not only in the instrument and its application, but more so in our total approach to MAN-kind.

Most therapies try to treat diseases, Biontologists endeavour to treat human beings. Biontologists try to look for the truth that lies behind the sickness, the real cause of any disturbance. For this they use a whole synthesis of methods. Ancient wisdom, modern technologies and numerous universal ways are fitted into one synthesis and are also adapted to our time. This synthesis works and enables the cells to regain and remember their power of regeneration.

Johan Boswinkel


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